Our Mission

Since our inception in 1996, our business has been built around the belief that it’s not enough to simply meet your expectations. Our goal is to exceed them. When you open an account with Barkley Associates, you can expect responsive attention to your inquiries – along with leading edge technology necessary for trade executions and portfolio information.

Our Vision

Research analysts at Barkley Associates are intellectually curious, creative and analytical. In addition to being passionate about the markets and interested in the research process, analysts possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Our Strategy

Assist , Advise and Capitalise is our motto. The foundation of Barkley Associates business is our belief that our clients’ needs are of paramount importance. Our commitment to investment excellence is anchored in a shared culture that always places a client’s interests first, from individual investors to the world’s largest institutions.

Investment, Advisory And Wealth Management

Expert advisers

We only recruit passionate Individuals who strive to achieve the best possibile results coupled with knowledge and calculated decisions

Portfolio Growth

We have a diverse range of Investment oportunities and our focus is your growth and continued Financial Prosperity.


Assist , Advise and Capitalise is our motto. The foundation of Barkley Associates success is with clever strategic thinking for Sustainability and Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

please take time below to read through any typical questions or concerns you may have.

When buying stocks, think about long term investing. You should have an education into the sector your investing and ultimatley the associated company, and the historical performace os the stock If you believe in the company, and the advisor that it will grow, then buy the stock.
No one can predict anything in the stock market. You can however look at historical evidence, there is a point in the stock price where if it is reached, the stock price suddenly moves up. People see it as a buying entry point. So you can look at that opportunity to buy again.
Our consultants here at Barkley Associates will guide you on the best investment opportunites , We educate you on our recommendations behind the stock pick. to match your own ambitions for financial gains You should know the reasons why the stock is good and why we believe in it.
Like any type of investment nothing is guaranteed Stock investment is a risk in itself , however with our world class consultants they will migrate the risks to fall inline with your own risk tollerance.

Know More About what we do

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