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Gold was fairly steady last night, trading either side of unchanged in a range of $1422.30 - $1429.90. It slipped to its $1422.30 low during early Asian hours, where support in front of $1421 (up trendline from 5/30 $1275 low) and Friday’s $1420 low held.

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Two healthcare data services are attracting a healthy amount of interest on this week’s IPO Calendar: Health Catalyst (HCAT proposed) and Livongo Global (LVGO proposed). There are 10 IPOs scheduled this week, with bankers expecting to raise nearly $1.5 billion. The heaviest traffic is forecast for Thursday, when five of the 10 are set to start trading.

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We all need to stop and rest. Don't tell that to Parisians though. While New York is the city that never sleeps, Paris is the city that never stops. The city has one and only one stop sign; it's in the 16th Arrondissement. Throughout the rest of the city, drivers just yield to traffic on the left and traffic lights.

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